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Electromagnetic Rodent Repeller

Electromagnetic Rodent Repeller
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Easy to use, poison and chemical free

A breakthrough in electronic pest control: this device safely uses the wiring inside the walls of a home or business premises to repel pests. Green Shield electromagnetic rodent repellers will effectively deter rats and mice, sending them away without harming them.

This is not an ultrasonic device, so furniture and other objects cannot obstruct it! Simply plug the device into a power socket at a central location, for the entire house to be covered.

The units' patented electromagnetic technology alters the electromagnetic field around the electrical wiring already present in the building, to irritate and repel the rodents.

For larger areas, additional units may be required. One unit will cover an average 2-floor, 3-bedroom home as the variation of the frequency crosses ring mains, although coverage may vary depending on the quality of wiring.

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