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Prikka Strip - Cat, Dog and Burglar Deterrent

Prikka Strip - Cat, Dog and Burglar Deterrent
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LOW PRICE! Keep unwanted visitors out of your garden with the 'Intruder Excluder'!

Made from unobtrusive neutral grey/brown polypropylene, Prikka-Strip is weatherproof and durable, re-usable and recyclable. Pack contains eight strips, each of 50cm long x 4.5cm wide; covering a total length of 4metres.

Made in England, this is an effective, low-cost deterrent against unwelcome intruders of several kinds!

Simply fitted to the tops of fences, gates, pipes, walls, sills etc., to prevent ingress by cats, dogs and even humans. Delivers maximum discomfort to your unwelcome 'guests', but minimum harm.

The unique double-hinge design allows easy fixing to angled surfaces, or fit side by side to increase effective width on walls, ledges and sills. The 500mm x 45mm strips can be screwed, nailed or glued in place.