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Clothes/Carpet Moth Pheromone Refills x 10

Clothes/Carpet Moth Pheromone Refills x 10
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Replacement pheromone pads for AF insect monitor traps

The replaceable sticky lure pads contain integral pheromone attractant for tineola species such as the common, case-bearing clothes moth. Pheromones are natural, attractant scents used by the female moth to entice a mate. Undetectable by humans and animals, pheromones are irresistible to males of the target insect species.

This trapping method uses no pesticides and is safe around the house and home. Traps should be placed near moth activity, to monitor infestations, and may also help to control moths by luring adult males out of the breeding cycle.

Pheromone pads should be replaced after 6-8 weeks.

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