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Fabric/Clothes Moth Killer Kit #3

Fabric/Clothes Moth Killer Kit #3
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Everything you need for treating and monitoring an infestation of common or webbing clothes moths

2x 1L trigger bottle of Protector C - safe and derived from natural pyrethrin. Deadly to a wide range of insects, with lasting residual action, yet harmless to mammals and humans, with no staining or smell once dry;

2x Fortefog aerosol spray, for fast knockdown without toxic chemicals. Organically produced, and so safe that it is classified for use in food preparation areas;

3x Mini-fumers - DIY fumigation will reach and destroy insects even in areas that can't be seen or directly treated;

5x pheromone traps with 10 lures - ideal for monitoring infestations, and to provide control of smaller populations, by attracting adult males out of the breeding cycle.

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