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'Pigeonproof' Plastic Bird Deterrent Spikes

'Pigeonproof' Plastic Bird Deterrent Spikes
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Durable all polycarbonate pigeon spikes - only £5.75 per metre!

Sold in quantities of 1m or more, these inexpensive, light, durable, all-polycarbonate plastic anti-roost spikes. They have the added advantage of being ultra violet stabilised, which fully protects them from the sun's rays.

Pigeonproof pigeon spikes are easy to install and orders come with a simple installation guide. Bird deterrent spikes should be fixed onto any ledges or gutters where pigeons might sit. Spikes are sold by the 1 metre section ( 3 x 33cm pieces ) and one row will keep birds off a ledge up to 8 inches wide. Ledges wider than 8 inches may need 2 or more rows. Spikes should be affixed using specialist, durable silicone adhesive. They may also be affixed to gutters using gutter clips.

Pigeonproof anti-bird products are available in other width sizes on request. Please email us your requirements!

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