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0a2ki Organic Insect Killer Concentrate

0a2ki Organic Insect Killer Concentrate
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Natural, Organic Insect Control Agent

Makes 5 litres of highly effective insect spray. 0a2ki is based entirely on concentrated natural plant extracts of food grade quality, and very safe to humans and other mammals.

Pesticide-free, functioning solely by physical means and quite different to other natural oil fatty acid type products, 0a2ki is used by professionals, particularly against insect strains that are resistant to organo-phosphate and pyrethroid insecticides. Effective in controlling most types of common flying and crawling insects such as ants, earwigs, cockroaches, flies, fleas, wasps, moths and silverfish. Also effective at all insect growth stages including larvae, pupae and eggs. 

500ml of 0a2ki concentrate can be mixed with clean tap water to make up 5 litres of highly effective insect killer spray, for use in a pressure or hand sprayer.