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Ladybird Killer Kit (small)

Ladybird Killer Kit (small)
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A quality product you need to deal with a small ladybird 'invasion'!

Harlequin ladybirds have recently become a widespread and growing problem across the UK. Ladybirds most often create a nuisance when they take refuge in homes and buildings.

Dethlac insect 'lacquer' can be applied to the exterior of window frames and surrounds, in cracks and crevices or gaps in brick and woodwork. Dethlac kills insects within hours of contact and goes on killing, acting as a resilient barrier for months.

Protector aerosol spray is an excellent 'knock down' spray, which will quickly despatch any insects found inside the home. Containing 100% natural ingredients for use as a space and surface spray, this product is classified as organic and safe for use in food preparation areas.

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