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All-Steel Lantern (indoor/outdoor) Fly Killer

All-Steel Lantern (indoor/outdoor) Fly Killer
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Keep your environment free of flying pests

This professional interior/exterior insect-control Lantern has been designed, developed and manufactured in the UK by Insect-a-clear, one of largest European insect control specialists.

This heavy-duty Lantern is no gimmick. It has been designed for situations where flying insects (blowflies, wasps, mosquitoes etc) cause an unhygienic nuisance.

Professional electric grid fly killers rely on 4 important factors:

  1. Powerful high tension transformer to destroy any insect hitting the killing grid, even in high infestation areas, year after year.
  2. All-steel or stainless steel construction - steel is more hygienic, longer lasting and most importantly is not degraded by U.V. light, which is known to destroy plastics.
  3. High intensity Ultra Violet lamp. This is the bait which lures flying insects to the killing grid. Insect-a-clear has selected the Shatter-proof 18w Energy Saver from leading lamp manufacturer Sylvania to perform this function.
  4. Safety. The access guard is fully interlocked (if the front guard is removed and unit has not been disconnected from the mains supply, the power is cut off automatically).

The Lantern has been independently tested and approved to European standards, and is water resistant (rated to IPX4).