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Household Flea Powder 300g

Household Flea Powder 300g
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Kills Fleas and Larvae and Absorbs Odours

Canac Household Flea Powder is ideal for use around the home, particularly in places where cats and dogs are present. It is easy to use: the sprinkle-on formulation can be applied and then vacuumed away, leaving a fresh scent and a home that is flea free!

Apply approximately 30g per square metre, sprinkling powder evenly over the area to be treated, which should be clean and dry to avoid the powder sticking. Leave in place for half an hour or longer, then remove with a vacuum cleaner.

This product is for use as an insecticide only, and is for amateur use against fleas on domestic carpets, rugs, soft furnishings, pet bedding and other places where animals lie.

Always treat pesticides with respect - read the instructions thoroughly.