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Rid your house of flies with our range of fly killer products.

Flies are more than just an irritation in the home, they are pests that are notorious disease carriers.

They feed on organic matter (preferably decaying) but because they can only digest food in liquid form they deposit their saliva onto it first in order to start the digestion process before sucking it back in. Investing in a UV fly killer or other type of electric fly zapper is crucial if you have flies in your home.

Here at Pest Control Products, we have a whole range of ways to eliminate flies. From an electric fly killer to a door fly screen to a simple fly zapper, we have a plenty to choose from.

Included in our range are:

Electric Fly Killers
Fly Zappers
Fly Spray

For advice on an electric fly killer or any other type of electric insect killer for that matter, don’t hesitate to contact us here at Pest Control Products.

Fly Facts

For more information on flies, see our fly fact sheet.