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Flea Killer Treatment

Kill household fleas with our sprays and powders

Pest Control Products offer many treatments for household flea infestations. Our flea treatments include:

  • Flea killer spray
  • Flea killer powder
  • Flea fumigation

The following practices, used alongside our flea treatments, can help keep fleas out of your household:

  • Keep your household clean
  • Vacuum regularly
  • Thoroughly vacuum areas where pets sleep
  • Empty your vacuum outside immediately – fleas can still be alive
  • Regularly beat rugs and bedding
  • Place pet beds on solid floors
  • Treat pets for fleas regularly - consult your vet

About fleas

Fleas feed on the blood of mammals and birds. They are commonly brought into the household by pets. Their larvae hatch in carpets and bedding. Flea bites are an annoyance to humans and animals.

For more information on fleas and flea treatments, see our flea fact sheet.