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Clothes, Carpet and Fabric Moths

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Moth Killer

Effective moth repellents and traps

Moths are not a health risk to humans. But their larvae can badly damage carpets, leather, clothes and other fabrics commonly found in the home. Pest Control Products supply a variety of easy to use DIY moth repellent products that kill moths, their larvae and eggs. Our moth killer products include:

  • Moth killer kits
  • Moth killer sprays
  • Moth traps
  • Moth pheromone traps
  • Anti moth hanging sachets
  • Anti moth drawer sachets
  • DIY moth fumigation

Indications of moth infestation

  • Damage to household fabrics
  • The presence of crawling moths, rather than flying
  • Moth caterpillars
  • Moth pupae

Carpet Beetles also cause damage to carpets and fabrics in a similar way to moths. For more information, please click here.

About moth infestation

For more information on killing moths, see our information & advice about clothes moths.