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Bird Control

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Bird Control

Bird spikes - the ideal pigeon deterrent

Do you have bird control problems like these?

  • Damage from unsightly and acidic bird droppings
  • Gutters and air vents blocked by nests, droppings and feathers
  • Safety issues from slippery droppings on pavements and fire escapes

We can help. At Pest Control Products, we offer a versatile range of practical deterrents which help with bird control on any premises. We supply:

  • Pigeon proof deterrent spikes
  • Stainless steel bird repellent spikes
  • Gutter clips, making bird spikes easy to fix
  • Bird spike adhesive

Many birds carry diseases and mites that can be passed on to humans. Let us help you with your bird control issues today.

About bird control

For more information on bird control, see our bird control fact sheet.