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Natural, Non-Toxic and Organic Pest Control

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Natural, non-toxic and organic pest control products are growing in popularity day by day, with many preferring to purchase organic products to tackle pests in the home. If you wish to purchase products that are kinder to the environment or you are concerned about using harsh chemicals and other substances in your home near food preparation areas, or are worried about keeping toxic products in your home around children then you can be sure that we stock a wide variety of natural, non-toxic and organic items that are perfect for your needs.

Natural, non-toxic and organic pest control products come with piece of mind, and if you are a pet owner these products are a viable organic alternative as they are often completely harmless to household pets and only harmful to the pest that you are trying to rid yourself of. 0a2ki Organic Insect Killer Powder is a unique natural, non-toxic organic product in that it can be applied directly to pets (after seeking veterinary advice, of course) to prevent fleas, and is perfectly safe to use all over your home. Likewise Agrodust Non-Toxic Insecticide Powder is a perfect non-toxic product safe to use in areas where harsher chemical based insecticide sprays may not be desirable.

The Colibri range of natural, non-toxic and organic pest control products (Anti-Insect Colibri Natural Garden Kit, Anti-Insect Colibri Natural Diffuser Kit, Anti-Insect Colibri Natural Body Spray, Anti-Insect Aromatic Essence, Anti Moth Drawer Sachets,  Anti Moth Colibri Natural Squares, and Anti Moth Colibri Natural Hanging Sachets) deliver a pleasent scent and also deter a wide variety of insects from the home and garden. These natural, non-toxic and organic products have a wide variety of applications and are perfectly safe as they contain no chemical or animal ingredients. Of course the best form of natural, non-toxic and organic products are items such as the Humane Wind-Up Multi-Catch Mouse Trap and  Insect-a-Clear COMPACT Electric Fly Killer, both of which can help tackle pests without applying sprays, powders or other substances to your home and garden.