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Electronic Pest Control

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Electronic Pest Control

Electronic pest control is a constantly developing field and is favoured by many as a means of pest control because electronic products do not require the deployment of sprays, powders or other chemicals. Should cats and dogs prove bothersome we stock the Cat, Dog & Fox repeller. This electronic pest control product is completely poison free, safe to operate and best of all easy to use. It can be powered off both mains power or batteries and works to protect your garden and property from cats, dogs and foxes. Like all electronic pest control items it is completely humane and causes no distress to the pests, and it is also harmless to people and pets.

If rodents are proving troublesome to tackle then we stock a number of electronic pest control items including the Ultrasonic 24/7 Mouse & Rat Repeller and the Electromagnetic rodent repeller. The former electronic pest control product works by emitting ultrasonic sound waves that are undetectable by both you and your household pets, but are unbearable to rodents. One unit will protect 400 square feet and is maintenance free and very cheap to operate. The latter electronic pest control product functions by harnessing the wiring inside the walls of a structure and repels rats and mice without causing them any harm. The Electromagnetic rodent repeller contains unique technology that alters the electromagnetic field around the electrical wiring already present in the building which irritates and repels the rodents.

At Pest Control Products we also stock a number of electronic devices that can be used to tackle flies such as the Flyshield - Silent, Discreet Electric Fly Killer and the Insect-a-clear COMPACT Circline Value Electric Fly Killer. The Flyshield attracts and then captures flying insects silently. There are no smells, chemicals, noise or other byproducts of this electronic pest control product and it is easy to install. The Circline Value Electric Fly Killer is an electronic pest control product that is perfect for use in the home but contains many features usually only found on larger industrial units such as an all steel case, stainless steel grid, aluminium catch trady and a shatter resistant UV tube. Even moles can be tackled with electronic pest control products, the Mole Repeller is completely humane and emits a sonic pulse every 25 seconds into the ground that protect an area up to 1000 square metres, keeping moles away.