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Rats & Mice

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Mice and Rat Infestation Control - Mouse traps and Rat Traps

Rat or Mice Infestation in the Home

Take control of a rat infestation in a few easy steps with our selection of mouse and rat killer treatments.

Here at Pest Control Products we have numerous ways to eradicate a mouse and rat problem in the home. Our products include:

Mouse Traps
Rat Traps
Mouse Poison
Rat Poison

Take care that the mouse or rat trap is placed somewhere safe and away from the family, and be particularly careful when using rat poisons or mice poison as they can be toxic for humans.

Another important step to ridding yourself of rats and mice for good is to carry out a thorough inspection of your home and seal all entry points that could be used by the little critters. Remember to remove and clean all rat and mouse waste such as droppings.

If you want to learn more about setting traps or laying poison you can contact us here at Pest Control Products or read the section on our website dedicated to this topic.

Rodent Facts

For more information on rodents, see our mice fact sheet or rat fact sheet.