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Food Moths & Pantry Pests

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Complete Moth Control - How to get rid of moths and pantry pests

How to Get Rid of Moths

Moth control in your home is very important, as household moths can cause havoc around the house. Pantry moths for example can infest your food and ruin your perfectly good groceries and moths in your wardrobe can put holes in all your favourite clothes!

Keep an eye out for signs of moths in your home, in particular pantry pests in your kitchen. Flour moths and grain moths are particularly common types of wheat pests found in kitchen cupboards. A sign you have an infestation are a large number of small holes in your food packaging.

There are measures that can be taken to get rid of a pantry moth infestation. Here at Pest Control Products we have a range of pantry moth traps available that will eradicate the problem entirely.

Pantry Moth Facts

For further information about how to prevent and cure a moth infestation in your home, read our section on moths and pantry pests.