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Ant Control

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Ant Killer – Controlling Ant Infestations

How to get rid of ants – use our powders and sprays

At Pest Control Products we offer a wide variety of ant killers that effectively deal with ant infestations. We strive to offer safe ant control products, free from dangerous chemicals and poisons.

Ant Powder

We supply a range of ant powder for use in the home and garden. They allow highly effective ant control while safely dealing with ant infestations.

  • Agrodust uses NO chemicals or poisons
  • Agrothrin uses 100% natural insecticides
  • 0a2ki is an organic ant powder

Ant Spray

Our pressure sprayers and ant spray are easy to use and effective at getting rid of ants.

  • Safe for use in the home environment
  • Effective against a wide range of flying and crawling insects, including ants

Ant Facts

For more information on ants, see our ant fact sheet.