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Wasp and Bee Control


Wasps is the name given to any insect that belongs to the order Hymenoptera and suborder Apocrita that is not a bee or an ant. The types of wasps that we commonly associate as being pests can be identified by their two pairs of wings, stinger at the rear abdomen, (the stinger is only present in female wasps), there is very little hair on wasps, and finally many wasps are brightly coloured featuring markings such as black and yellow or black and orange stripes. Whilst wasps are critically important to the ecosystem and natural environment (they are predators or parasites of other pest species) they can prove to be a nusance when they enter homes, sheds, summerhouses and other structures.

Wasp killer and prevention Products

We stock a variety of products perfect for dealing with wasps, the best way to prevent them entering your home is using our Easy-fit door fly screen or Easy-Fit Window Fly Screen. These are easy to install and allow air to circulate freely whilst keeping wasps, bees and other insects out. If wasps make a nest on your premises steps can be taken to neutralise it; the Wasp Nest Killer Powder is a puffer pac that can be used to knock out a number of wasps nests through direct application. The best time to use this product to tackle wasps is in the evening time, after it has been applied the wasps nest will die out over the next few days.