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Silverfish and Spider Control

Silverfish, (Lepisma saccharina), information and advice:

Silverfish are common household pests in both urban and rural areas that belong to the order Thysanura. Silverfish are wingless insects that grow up to a maximum of an inch although they are commonly far smaller in the United Kingdom. Silverfish are found in most households because their diet consists solely of carbohydrates in the form of sugar or starches, for this reason they are commonly found in kitchens and pantries, particularly in cupboards and food preparation areas.

Silverfish have also been known to eat things such as glue, book bindings, paper, photographs, and even hair and dust, as all of these contain carbohydrates that the silverfish can consume. In some cases Silverfish will even eat leather and various fabrics. Silverfish can cause psychological distress if they are discovered dwelling in your home so it is important that they are tackled immediately.

Spiders, information and advice:

Spiders are invertebrates that belong to the order Araneae, spiders can be identified as having two body segments, eight legs, and no wings. Arachnophobia is one of the most common types of phobia and spiders can cause great distress to those who have a fear of them so it is imperative that spiders are dealt with immediately.

The vast majority of spiders have the ability to inject venom to both kill prey and protect themselves should the need arise, however only a very small number of spiders worldwide have bites that are dangerous to humans, in fact many do not have fangs that are strong enough to penetrate human skin.

Treatment to get rid of silverfish and kill spiders and other creepy crawlies:

At Pest Control Products UK we have a wide variety of treatments for spiders, silverfish and other household creepy crawlies. Agrodust Non-Toxic Insecticide Powder is a highly effective treatment against insects in the home, it is made up of a unique crystalline dust that causes dehydration and eventual death in many species. The Pressure sprayer that we stock is a perfect way to apply liquid insecticides and it gives a smooth, even spray that is perfect for covering wide areas. The Multi-purpose Insect Monitor Trap "Detector" are ideal for detecting and locating infestations of crawling house pests such as spiders and silverfish. These traps are most successful against spiders, silverfish and other creepy crawlies when used alongside other treatment methods.