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Garden Pest Control Information and Advice

The garden area can be full of pests at almost all times of the year. Insects are one of the main garden pests, insects are a group of arthropods and are one of the most diverse groups of animals on the planet containing over 1,000,000 species (more than half of all of the known living organisms ever discovered). Many estimates hypothesise that there may be over 30,000,000 undescribed insects waiting to be discovered.

These garden pests vary greatly in appearance but can be characterised as a segmented body supported by a hard exoskeleton, the body contains three elements (a head, a thorax and an abdomen) and the head contains a pair of antennae, a pair of compound eyes and a number of simple eyes, and three sets of mandibles that serve as mouthparts. Insects have six legs on their thorax and two or four wings, or in some cases no wings.

Insects can be major garden pests; from greenfly to ladybirds they can cause untold damage to your flowerbeds and vegetable patch so it is vital that these garden pests are dealt with as quickly as possible. Other forms of garden pests include cats and dogs. Both pests can prove to be difficult and will enter your garden for a variety of reasons (usually at night) and can foul your garden, and may dig up your flowers and cause untold damage if not dealt with swiftly. These pests will often tear open any refuse sacks that have been left out for collection or stored in bins near the property causing mess and also a risk of disease from touching decaying foodstuffs.

Treatments for garden pests:

Smaller garden pests such as fruitflies and greenflies can go undiscovered for a long time so proper inspection of your plants and flowers is vital to prevent an outbreak. Larger garden pests will leave obvious signs of their presence and can be tackled straight away. Good hygiene is vital; double bagging all household refuse and storing it in proper bins with the lids kept closed will ensure that cats and dogs are not attracted by the smell of food. For tackling the insect variety of garden pests we recommend the Agrothrin Puffer Pack, this product contains pyrethrins that are derived from African chrysanthemums and are effective against many insects that prove to be garden pests.

Our Anti-Insect Colibri Natural Garden Kit and Anti-Insect Colibri Natural Body Spray are powerful natural insect deterrents, perfect for tackling certain types of garden pests. These are available in a variety of scents and contain a mixture of essential alloys that deter insects. Prikka Strips are a low-cost effective way of deterring cats and dogs from entering your property. They are constructed from polypropylene and can be mounted on fences, pipes, walls, gates, window sills and many other areas to keep the larger variety of garden pests at bay.