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Mosquito Repellent Information and Advice:

Mosquitoes are biting insects from the family Culicidae. Mosquitoes are identified by a pair of scaled wings, a slender body, and long thin legs. It is actually only female mosquitoes that suck the blood of other animals but this makes them the most deadly insects known to man, killing millions of people throughout history and continuing to do so, particuarly in countries with poor sanitation or limited availability of treatments.

Mosquitos vary in length but are generally smaller than 16mm. They can fly for up to 4 hours continuously and travel over 10 km on one flight. Many species of mosquitoes are nocturnal or feed only at dawn and dusk, and they often rest in a hidden, cool place during the day making infestations of mosquitoes hard to locate.

Dealing with mosquitoes:

The main way to tackle mosquitoes is to prevent them entering the home, this can be accomplished by using netting or protective coverings. Here at Pest Control Products UK we stock the Easy-fit door fly screen Easy-Fit Window Fly Screen that will work to stop flying insects such as mosquitoes entering your home or place of work. Our Anti-Insect Colibri Natural Diffuser Kit works to deliver a pleasing aroma that works to repel insects such as mosquitoes preventing them from bothering you. The kit includes everything you need to tackle bothersome insects and the delightful scent that accompanies the use of the Anti-Insect Colibri Natural Diffuser Kit is an added bonus to this form of treatment for pests.

In the face of a mosquito infestation direct action may be the preferable course of treatment, if this is the case then our PreVent Personal Insect Repellent and ProControl Flying Insect Killer target flying insects and offer a number of applications including use as a knockdown spray applied to the insect directly and used to clear entire rooms, tents or other enclosed spaces. PreVent Personal Insect Repellent is made from 100% natural pyrethrum and can be applied directly to the skin without fear of irritation.