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Exoroach Cockroach Trap

Exoroach Cockroach Trap
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Heavy Duty Roach Protection!

Compared with smaller cardboard traps, the large and robust size of Exoroach gives the ideal proportions to catch and retain a greater number of cockroaches between inspections.

The Exoroach trap provides years of use if the glue board, lure tablet and bridge are replaced every three months.

  • Completely pesticide- free, the trap can be used in areas where the use of pesticides is restricted.
  • Constructed from robust plastic, the trap is long lasting and well-suited to industrial environments as well as homes.
  • Designed with a waterproof base and lid, the trap does not need to be removed whilst the floor is being cleaned.
  • Suited to an integrated pest management (IPM) approach, Exoroach can be used in conjunction with other control methods to assist with resistance management.
  • Dimensions: 39cm long x 22cm wide x 6.5cm tall

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