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Bed Bug Killer Kit #2

Bed Bug Killer Kit #2
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All you need to treat bed bugs in two bedrooms, or a heavy infestation in one room

Including all necessary supplies of insecticides, equipment, gloves and mask, plus treatment and housekeeping advice sheet.

2 litres of Protector C - a highly effective, but safe and natural pyrethroid spray;

Insecticidal lacquer, for application on bed frames, in cracks and crevices and on non-porous surfaces. Dethlac kills bed bugs within hours of contact and goes on killing, acting as a resilient barrier against insects, for months.

Powerful insecticide dust - kills insects on contact;

Pesticide-free dessicant dust - lethal to insects, without toxic chemicals; 4x mini-fumers - natural pyrethrin-based DIY fumigation, kills insects even in areas you can't see, or access directly

One miniature aerosol can of PreVent personal insect repellent will safely keep the insects away.


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